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The Supervillainy Saga

CT Phipps was kind enough to toss me some Audible Promo codes my way for his Supervillainy Saga. Let’s have some fun!

I’m no stranger to Chuck’s work. Can I call him Chuck? Are we there yet? Surely he won’t mind, although I’m not certain Shirley has that kind of authority to grant me such familiarity. Oh well, it’s done! So Chuck sent me some Audible codes so I could give the series a listen, and it wasn’t the first time he’s done it. I enjoyed his Cthulhu and Agent G series quite a lot. I was new to the Superhero genre, having listened to the Super Sale on Superheroes not long before, which is also quite good.

Using Chuck’s…CT’s…own words, the series is brain candy. It’s not an intellectual pursuit or written in some pompous code to make readers argue about the symbology and meaning behind the very real and serious social and political discourses we’re all caught up with in the real world. Nope. It’s just fun. What makes the books really shine for me is it’s like a rollercoaster that starts out at the top and doesn’t slow down until it’s time to get off and hit the next ride! There’s no waiting in line or that slow crawl up the slope until the fun begins. Nope! Sit down, tighten the seat belt, lock the bar into place, and off you go!

Gary is our MC, and he’s finding out being a supervillain is harder than it looks. It doesn’t help when you’re, at heart, a fairly decent guy and your biggest motivation for wanting to be a villain is because some so-called hero murdered your brother years before. It also doesn’t help when the wife you love and adore has dreams of being a superhero. Bit of conflicting ideologies there to say the least. can make for some very uncomfortable dinner conversations. What’s a guy to do? Well, you do what every successful marriage requires. You compromise. While this makes the wife happy, more or less, it doesn’t sit well with the superheroes,  supervillains, and can create a sometimes hostile work environment for your henchwench. Ahem, henchperson.

Book 1 starts off with Gary riding solo on his first big caper, robbing the local bank. Things get awkward when another supervillain and crew show up to rob the same bank moments later. Conflicting schedules can be such a pain. Fortunately, Gary is a reasonable guy and he does what any reasonable supervillain would do when confronted with an almost comical collision of daily tasks. He politely asks the Ice Cream Man to go supervillain somewhere else. He’s got dibs on this bank. When a polite request fails, he shoots him in the face, as a reasonable supervillain does. This is just the beginning of a long trail of dead supervillains who seem hellbent on being a pain in Gary’s ass. You would think the superheroes of the city would appreciate a few less bad guys to have to deal with. Nope! Being the uptight twatwaffles (really, spellcheck has no problem with twatwaffle? <shrug> OK) they are, they take exception to Gary’s murders, and the villains aren’t none too happy about it either.

This begins a long and hilarious road of misadventure that twists and turns and crosses over that line between good and evil like a Lombard Street of morality.

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