Gritty, Dark and Suspenseful! Empire of Masks!

A creature of darkness lurks in the shadows of Velaroth, wearing the skin of its victims, and grips the city in terror. Dorian, a Necrophage bent on sowing chaos and paving the way for his people’s invasion, has declared war on the humans of Eidolan, and there appears to be no one capable of stopping him.
Kiera’s world is shattered by those who hold power, and she is forced to seek an ally. The nightbird is coming into power of her own, but can she stay alive long enough to seize it? Russel’s behavior has taken a turn for the worse, and his actions have drawn the attention of those who would use his amazing talents for their own gain…and everyone else’s loss.
The battle for Velaroth, and perhaps the world, has begun. Who will win? Who will live to mourn the dead? Will there be anything left for the victor to claim as their prize?



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