The last (probably) and greatest (maybe) book in my thrilling (arguably) epic fantasy series, The Sorcerer’s Path! This has been one hell of a path to follow, and I almost feel bad for having to walk another after having followed this one for the last 10 years. Oh, I’ve taken some detours and enjoyed my other literary walkabouts, but TSP is what put me on the map. It’s my Shangri La. Ok, maybe just San Diego. Keep it classy! It is without a doubt the path that lead me to where I am, and I’m pretty happy about that. Lost most my hair on the way, and I’m not thrilled about that, but everything else is pretty sweet.


So what happens in Descent Into Chaos? Well, quite a bit. The Order arrives in force and kicks Azerick and his friends out of Southport in short order. He and Daebian hotfoot it to Brelland to warn King Miles, but he’s no help, or so it seems. The only option left is to fight them on their own terms. Given their enemy’s vast superiority, that means kicking them in the ass and running away! Sorry, I mean commit quick, surgical strikes and then perform a tactical retreat back into safety where they can launch more surprise attacks! 

Sadly, that doesn’t turn out to be as successful a strategy as Azerick had hoped. Not only does The Order have more soldiers with better weapons and armor, they have a princess with near-godly power that takes a special interest in Azerick. You know, because women are just so into him. Unfortunately, like most women in Azerick’s past, she wants to kick his ass and shows, more than once, that she’s perfectly capable of doing just that.


Time for plan B…or is it C? It’s somewhere between B and F. Eventually, Azerick realizes he can’t fight The Order by blasting it in face with a lightning bolt like he has done with so many of his foes over the decades. It’s time to sow a little chaos into The Order!