The Sorcerer's Path




The Sorcerer’s Ascension: Book 1 of The Sorcerer’s Path

ascensionTorn from a life of comfort and luxury, his family destroyed by political intrigues and aspirations, a young boy must quickly grow into a man before the deadly streets of Southport devour him. Follow Azerick through a page-turning adventure that pits him against thieves, thugs, murderers, and men of power that will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Azerick must fight to survive, but survival is not enough. A hunger to avenge the wrongs committed against him burns deep within. But that’s not all that lies within the young man. There’s a power waiting to be unleashed that may be the key to achieving the justice and security he seeks... if it doesn’t destroy him first.


The Sorcerer’s Legacy: Book 3 of The Sorcerer’s Path

LegacyAzerick has found himself a home and tries to settle down. He takes on an apprentice and tries to put all the death and desire for vengeance behind him. But when the Rook finds him, Azerick is once again pulled back into Ulric's schemes and decides to put an end to it, once and for all.

Azerick strives to create something other than a legacy of death and pain. As he tries to create a home for himself and his new apprentice, he must deal with the stern Duchess of North Haven as he continually clashes with the city's elite.  Duke Ulric terrorizes the land with a secret group of mercenaries, to destabilize King Jarvin's rule and prop himself up as a protector of the people, as he publicly drives the invaders off in a series of mock battles.



The Sorcerer’s Scourge: Book 5 of The Sorcerer’s Path

ScourgeKing Jarvin is in exile, and his only hope is for Azerick and his wizard friends, along with a small army out of North Haven, to ride to the rescue. However, the traitor and his vastly superior forces, are not the greatest threat to the kingdom.

Far to the north, a lich of extraordinary power has been gathering dark energy for years and is nearly ready to release it upon the living. Back home, Azerick's apprentice finds herself in so much trouble, she may single-handedly reignite the war between Valaria and their southern neighbor.


The Sorcerer’s Return: Book 7 of The Sorcerer’s Path

The Sorcerer's ReturnAzerick has come back from the abyss, in order to try to unite all the races against the return of the old gods, who seek to destroy them and enslave the few that survive the brutal purging.

However, fighting ancient gods may be the least of his troubles, as he battles to unite a fractured kingdom, save a brilliant son traveling a dark path and hold together the splintered soul of his own humanity.


Rise of the Order: The Sorcerer's Rebirth book 1 (A Sorcerer's Path Novel)

Banished to the abyss after helping defeat the Scions and saving the world from eternal darkness, Azerick languishes in perpetual misery as Lord of the Fifth Circle. The denizens of his hellish realm view him as a usurper and outsider. The chaotic creatures form an alliance with one goal in mind: destroy Azerick Giles, but Sharrellan stands in their way.

A powerful spell tears through the demonic planes, and when the dust settles, the dark goddess is nowhere to be found. It is up to Azerick to return her to her seat of power, but he has a price: return him to his mortal form and send him home.

Back home, a vast empire is on a crusade to conquer the world, and it has set its sights on Valeria. Their goal is to unite the world under a single banner, eradicate the spawn infestation unleashed by the Scions, and replace the gods who they feel have forsaken them with their mystical rulers.

Can Azerick save the dark goddess from the clutches of her demonic subjects and become mortal once again? Will he have the power to protect his people from The Order if he does?


Blood Conspiracy: Book 2 of Brooklyn Shadows

Blood ConspiracyI’ve spent the last year cleaning up the mess Percy left, after his failed coup. It isn't glamorous, but it’s a job – and it pays well. Percy altered the Cure in a way to make it easier to create his little vampire army, but his new vampires have attitude problems and are worse at playing by the rules than I am. They are the mess I’m trying to clean up. No biggie, I’m pretty good at housecleaning. The only problem is, someone called the cops on Percy’s little house party. Homeland security got hold of the new and improved Cure, made their own vampire anti-terrorist unit and dropped them into freaking Yemen. Like most ill-conceived government projects, this one went bad real fast, and guess who has to fix it? Now I must hunt down and kill these rogue vampires, take on the U.S. government and destroy all evidence of our existence. And, oh yeah, there’s a freaking bomb in my head.



The Miscreant: Book 1 of The Transcended Chronicles

The MiscreantGarran Holt is a troubled young man. Unable to tolerate his self-destructive ways, his mother sells him into indentured servitude, as part of a work crew building King Remiel’s new trade road. When mercenaries sent to disrupt the road’s construction attack his work camp, Garran discovers an inner power capable of turning him into a warrior of unparalleled ability.

When the leader of his work crew recognizes Garran as being one of the transcended (a fighter able to slip into the swifter currents of time), he is trained as an agent, one of the kingdom’s elite spies. Crude, abrasive and deeply committed to destroying himself with drugs, alcohol and debauchery. Garran might be the kingdom’s only hope against falling to The Guild, the powerful trade cartel bent on becoming the true and undisputed power in the land.



The Portal

The PortalThe Portal is a lighthearted, yet adventurous, tale suitable for young and old. Drew and his friends are your quintessential nerds; until one night, in an effort to create the proper ambiance for the evening's role playing game, Drew accidentally opens a magical portal using a powerful spell from an ancient druidic tome and is pulled into another world.

It is up to his friends and older brother to cross over and rescue him from the clutches of evil. Drew's natural tendency to fight authority, soon shows his captors they may have gotten more than they bargained for.


Nightbird: Book 2 of Empire of Masks

The Great Revolution ended the highlords’ tyranny two hundred years ago, but the legacy of that epic war, and that of the principal architects’ descendants, lives on. With the highlords’ death and their taking magic, as it was once known, to their graves, Eidolan fell into a time of darkness and its cities lived in isolation. However, some people, dubbed arcanists, discovered a new form of magic and the airships returned to the skies, rejoining the cities in trade as well as conspiracy, but a new darkness, more dreadful and deadly than any they faced before, is coming.

Kiera is a fifteen-year-old nightbird, one of many who flit about after dark, stealing whatever they can find in order to survive. She lives on a derelict airship in the poorest part of the city with Wesley, a young man who plies his trade as an escort to wealthy older women, and his little brother Russel, an autistic savant who communicates only through sign but who could secretly be the most powerful techno-arcanist the empire has ever known. Deep in debt to the underlord Nimat, Kiera dives into evermore dangerous schemes that put her at the heart of a secret war that could spell the destruction of not just the city, but the very empire.

Kiera is caught in the center of several factions on the brink of war. When she can no longer tell friend from enemy, there is only one side she can trust—her own.



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Amelia: Battle for Ardentia


I am a child of many worlds. In the one we all share, I am just a regular girl with a big imagination, But in those I create in my mind, I am anything but ordinary. I am a demigoddess and warrior princess. I protect my people and their worlds from an evil demonic sorcerer named Romut. My courage is unmatched, and our battles are legendary. The greatest of my creations is Ardentia, A land of beauty and the home of the fairy people. Ardentia is not just another figment of my imagination. It is who I am, a representation of my being. When Romut enters my world invades Ardentia for real, I’m not fighting just for my creations, but my very life. If I lose, my story is over, Or maybe, it is just beginning…My name is Amelia. And this is my battle. If you like Bridge to Terabithia, you'll love Amelia.

The idea for this story came to me after my sister was diagnosed with cancer. This book, while not about her, is for her and everyone who battles this vile evil. 20% of all proceeds go to the LUNGevity Foundation or other cancer institutes. Thank you for your support.


The Sorcerer’s Torment: Book 2 of The Sorcerer’s Path

TormentForced to flee The Academy after accidentally killing another student, Azerick sets sail to start a new life in a new home, from where he can continue to grow in power, so he may avenge his father's murder.

However, the fates have not finished with the young sorcerer. After several days at sea, a massive storm blows his ship into the clutches of a terrifying creature with the power to control minds and enslave them to its will. Azerick becomes his pawn, but what happens when an irresistible force meets an indomitable will?


The Sorcerer’s Vengeance: Book 4 of The Sorcerer’s Path

VengeanceAzerick thought he had finally found peace and a purpose beyond seeking vengeance against those he held responsible, by creating a school of learning, magic and trades for the less fortunate.

That dream came to an end when an assassin tried to murder him in his sleep. Knowing that he will never be free and his friends and students will never be safe until he puts an end to the schemes and machinations of evil and power-hungry men. No man and no army, not even a journey to the very bowels of the abyss will keep him from his vengeance.


The Sorcerer’s Abyss: Book 6 of The Sorcerer’s Path

Now the master of the Fifth Circle of the abyss, Azerick is challenged by another demon lord for supremacy. Azerick must face this threat as well as his innermost demons, all while searching for a way to escape his hellish prison.

Ellyssa fears she’s going insane, as she‘s plagued by nightmares of her capture and enslavement. Deciding that the key to saving herself lies in the destruction of the object of her fears, she embarks on a crusade to find and kill the slaver, Captain Jake, and eradicate the slave trade.

Ellyssa's nightmares and battles spill onto the streets of North Haven, and gain the attention of The Academy. Fearing Azerick's school’s turning out rogue wizards, The Academy decides to hunt down and destroy the rogue and place the school within its control.


The Sorcerer’s Destiny: Book 8 of The Sorcerer’s Path

The Sorcerer’s DestinyBrutally purged of his demonic influence, Azerick continues the struggle of uniting the kingdom to face the coming of the Scions, ancient gods banished by the mortal races during the Great Revolution, two-thousand years ago. The fallen gods’ prison is crumbling, and Azerick’s powerless to stop them from breaking free and enacting their cataclysmic vengeance upon the world.

The humans must ally with the other races, in a final battle against impossible odds, while their entire world crumbles and is trod beneath the feet of an unstoppable foe. How can they set aside their distrust of each other, when they fear the very person trying to save them?


Shrouds of Darkness: Book 1 of Brooklyn Shadows

Leo Malone is a vampire, part-time PI, part-time hired muscle and full-time jerk; but he is very good at what he does. He deals with problems with sharp, sarcastic remarks, unparalleled violence and "bullet diplomacy." Leo signs on to a simple missing persons case, as simple as a missing werewolf can be; but when ravaged bodies begin to show up in the streets of New York, he finds himself wrapped within the dark, shrouded folds of an ever-expanding conspiracy that threatens to expose the shadowy existence of both vampires and werewolves.

Shrouds of darkness is a page-turning action thriller that will have you tightly gripped in suspense, laughing hysterically at Leo's unfiltered behavior and begging for more.


Primacy of Darkness: Book 3 of Brooklyn Shadows

Jack the Ripper, sadistic madman of old London, once thought long dead, has returned to New York in an effort to quench his thirst for blood and mayhem. When the city's vampire enclave finds itself insufficient to deal with a madman of Jack's caliber, Vincent, the enclave head, enlists Leo Malone to put the maniac down before he reveals the existence of vampires as he throws the city into the throes of chaos and terror. Leo soon finds that Jack is not the only monster with which he must contend. A ghost from his past has also seemingly crawled from its grave and seeks to put an end to him and the rest of his kind.

AMAZON Audible

The Agent: Book 1 of The Transcended Chronicles

The AgentThe Transcended Chronicles follows Garran, a highly-trained, highly-dysfunctional agent on a quest of justice, revenge, debauchery and self-abuse. Some language and subject matter may not be suitable for all audiences.

The Guild rules the kingdom through their puppet monarch and Garran must race to save the last living heir to the throne, before the powerful syndicate's assassins complete their extermination of anyone who could oppose them. Garran and Prince Adam Altena, struggle to find allies in hopes of rescuing Adam's sister, who was forced to marry the usurper in order to prevent even the thought of rebellion, and raise an army capable of defeating The Guild. With The Guild now in control of Anatolia's powerful army, as well as their legion of mercenaries, their future is grim. How can a disreputable agent and a deposed prince convince their neighboring rulers to oppose The Guild, an organization that has had them cowed for decades?



Highlords of Phaer: Book 1 of Empire of Masks

Born a slave, descended of kings, Jareen Velarius just wants to provide the best life he can for his family, but Eidolan is a realm that challenges even the most stalwart of souls. Caught between his masters and those brave or foolish enough to strike against them, Jareen struggles to reconcile his role as a dutiful slave with that of a man who desires to be free. His goal: to return his people to a life stolen by the highlords more than a millennium ago.

Auberon Victore, sorcerer, alchemist, son of a powerful overlord, and Jareen’s master, creates an alchemic compound he is certain will change the world; he just does not know how. Jareen sees it for the weapon that could break the sorcerers’ iron grasp wrapped around the necks of every lowborn in the empire. It will change the world, but not in the way his master desires.

Across the Tempest Sea, a mighty storm has raged for a thousand years, keeping a terrible, long-forgotten enemy at bay, an enemy whose cruelty knows no bounds. Only the perpetual storm and their fear of the sorcerer highlords keep the Necrophages from returning to Eidolan and cloaking the empire in death and darkness. But the tempest is waning, and the dissidents’ freedom may well come at the cost of their total destruction.


Mourningbird: Book 3 of Empire of Masks

A creature of darkness lurks in the shadows of Velaroth, wearing the skin of its victims, and grips the city in terror. Dorian, a Necrophage bent on sowing chaos and paving the way for his people’s invasion, has declared war on the humans of Eidolan, and there appears to be no one capable of stopping him.

Kiera’s world is shattered by those who hold power, and she is forced to seek an ally. The nightbird is coming into power of her own, but can she stay alive long enough to seize it? Russel’s behavior has taken a turn for the worse, and his actions have drawn the attention of those who would use his amazing talents for their own gain…and everyone else’s loss.

The battle for Velaroth, and perhaps the world, has begun. Who will win? Who will live to mourn the dead? Will there be anything left for the victor to claim as their prize?


Chaos Unchained: Quantum Mortalis book 1

Chaos Unchained

A couple years ago, I learned about LitRPG. I don't recall which book was my first or whether it was Kindle or audiobook. What I do know is I was immediately hooked, particularly the audiobooks. I began my audiobook adventures with The Land by Aleron Kong and never looked back.

At some point, I knew I had to write my own, and this was the result. The start anyway. I plan on writing at least three different story arcs for Quantum Mortalis, starting with Chaos Unchained. Chaos ensues in this virtual world when the game's creator and corporate executive have a difference of opinion on game mechanics, namely the concept of perma-death.

Edison Pushard, the brilliant mind behind coding the world's first true quantum supercomputer and Quantum Mortalis god, decides to implement his vision of perma death by injecting a computer virus transmitted by players and NPCs. The virus not only makes player's avatars mortal, meaning no respawn, it also creates a form of sentience amongst the NPCs who catch it.

Patient zero is a blacksmith named Jandar Barati. Like all NPCs prior to the Mortalitatis Amplecti virus, Jandar's life was an unending, looping quest that often saw him and his family kidnapped and murdered by bandits. When Jandar begins experiencing all his past "lives," particularly his wife and son's deaths, he goes a bit mad.

Blaming their repeated deaths on the selfish and heartless actions of players, Jandar lashes out by nailing the doors shut of the inn where they congregate while waiting for his and other NPCs quests to reset and sets it on fire. Unable to log out, the players experience a rather terrible and permanent end. At least their avatars do since the virus Jandar carries made them all mortal. Needless to say, the players aren't happy and corporate is furious.

Vincent Kurtz, President of Online Activities, places a bounty not just on the NPC Jandar Barati's head in hopes of stamping out this virus, but upon that of Edison Pushard as well. Ingame, players, particularly a very peeved and malicious young man named Eddy Shinkle, hunt Jandar like a rabid animal needing to be put down. However, Jandar is no easy prey, and he is growing stronger by the day, just like a player. In the real world, Edison seems to be one step ahead of Vincent, mocking him and his attempts to regain control of Quantum Mortalis and its AI Matrice.

Edison visits Jandar ingame to convince him to spread the virus far and wide in order to bring sentience to the world's NPCs and break them from their unending, scripted lives. Jandar has other ideas. As the world's goddess, Jandar decides Matrice, the system's AI, is to blame for his family's repeated deaths and his tormented suffering. His maddened fury is so great, he creates his own quest: To destroy Matrice and this tortured, artificial life.