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Shrouds of Darkness

Shrouds of Darkness

New York has a problem few are aware of. Creatures of myth and darkness prowl the night-shrouded streets, preying on those who won’t be missed. At least, those are the rules. Bodies are turning up, and their deaths are far from natural. Our kind’s existence depends on remaining nothing more than folklore and fairytales, but someone has decided to break the rules. Now it’s my job to stop a conspiracy before it threatens to expose the truth about vampires and werewolves. My name is Leo Malone, and when things go bump in the night, I bump back. If the price is right.

The Miscreant

The Miscreant is the first of two books in my Transcended saga. The series is a character-driven story. While there is an overall plot, it’s a secondary element to the story. The primary being the outrageous antics of a disturbed and emotionally broken young man.

Garran Holt is a troubled young man. Unable to tolerate his self-destructive ways, his mother sells him into indentured servitude as part of a work crew building King Remiel’s new trade road. When mercenaries sent to disrupt the road’s construction attack his work camp, Garran discovers an inner power capable of turning him into a warrior of unparalleled ability. When the leader of his work crew recognizes Garran as being one of the transcended (a fighter able to slip into the swifter currents of time), he is trained as an agent, one of the kingdom’s elite spies. Crude, abrasive, and deeply committed to destroying himself with drugs, alcohol, and debauchery, Garran might be the kingdom’s only hope against falling to The Guild, the powerful trade cartel bent on becoming the true and undisputed power in the land.

The Agent

The Transcended Chronicles follows Garran, a highly-trained, highly-dysfunctional agent on a quest of justice, revenge, debauchery, and self-abuse. Some language and subject matter may not be suitable for all audiences.

The Guild rules the kingdom through their puppet monarch, and Garran must race to save the last living heir to the throne before the powerful syndicate’s assassins complete their extermination of anyone who could oppose them. Garran and Prince Adam Altena struggle to find allies in hopes of rescuing Adam’s sister, who was forced to marry the usurper in order to prevent even the thought of rebellion, and raise an army capable of defeating The Guild. With The Guild now in control of Anatolia’s powerful army as well as their legion of mercenaries, their future is grim. How can a disreputable agent and a deposed prince convince their neighboring rulers to oppose The Guild, an organization that has had them cowed for decades?

The Sorcerer’s Ascension

Torn from a life of comfort and luxury, his family destroyed by political intrigues and aspirations, a young boy must quickly grow into a man before the deadly streets of Southport devour him. Follow Azerick through a page-turning adventure that pits him against thieves, thugs, murderers, and men of power that will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Azerick must fight just to survive, but for him survival is not enough. A hunger to avenge the wrongs committed against him burns deep within. But that is not all that lies within the young man. There is a power waiting to be unleashed that may be the key to achieving the justice and security he seeks–if it does not destroy him first.


The Sorcerer’s Torment

Forced to flee The Academy after killing another student, Azerick sets sail to start a new life and a new home from where he can continue to grow in power so that he may avenge his father’s murder. However, the fates have not finished with the young sorcerer. A massive storm blows his ship into the clutches of a terrifying creature with the power to control the minds of others and enslave them to its will. Azerick becomes the pawn of this creature, but what happens when an irresistible force meets an indomitable will?

The Sorcerer’s Legacy

Physically and emotionally battered and exhausted, Azerick seeks to claim a home where he can live in peace and achieve some form of tranquility that has eluded him for most of his life. Even something as simple as that comes with complications. His choice of a new home is a tower haunted by a spectre that grieves for her murdered children. Tired of resorting to violence to resolve every conflict, Azerick has an idea to placate the mournful spirit, one that requires him to take on an apprentice, and that creates an entirely new set of problems.

Azerick may be done with death, but death is far from finished with him. An enemy he had hoped to have left behind seeks to destroy him by sending an assassin of untold ability and evil to avenge the death of his son. The Rook will stop at nothing to fulfill his gruesome contract, even if it means killing everyone who gets in his way. Duke Ulric seeks to destabilize the kingdom through a series of covert attacks upon several cities in the land, and it is only a matter of time before Azerick is dragged into his schemes and is forced to put an end to them once and for all.