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January 29, 2018
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Rise of the Order Release

Hey, everybody, I have some exciting news! The thrilling, amazing, splendiferous Sorcerer’s Path continues with Rise of the Order. Time to once again walk the path less traveled, for it is filled  with magic and monsters and adventure! Come, we shall walk it together. <Sings> Come with me, and you’ll see, a world of pure– <Gets handed a cease and desist order from the attorneys of Wonka Inc. a subsidiary of Nestle with copyrights held by Warner Bros> Ahem. Alrighty then. I guess just go and read the book. I think it’s pretty good.


I began The Sorcerer’s Path about ten years ago with nothing more in mind than writing a story just to get it out of my head and to give me something to think about other than my troubles. Imagine my surprise when not only did I actually write an entire novel, but it was far from finished. I wrote three more before I even heard of KDP and self-publishing. I did my best to clean up my manuscript and create some covers, and despite sucking horribly at both those tasks, the books took off. My story was a success! Just a few years after sitting down and pounding out my first book, thousands, tens of thousands, of people had walked The Sorcerer’s Path with me.

Thinking I was done with the story, I moved onto new adventure, each better than the last, but the path kept calling to me until last year I once again found my feet on that epic trail of adventure. I hope you’ll come walk it with me once again.

Banished to the abyss after helping defeat the Scions and saving the world from eternal darkness, Azerick languishes in perpetual misery as Lord of the Fifth Circle. The denizens of his hellish realm view him as a usurper and outsider. The chaotic creatures form an alliance with one goal in mind: destroy Azerick Giles, but Sharrellan stands in their way.

A powerful spell tears through the demonic planes, and when the dust settles, the dark goddess is nowhere to be found. It is up to Azerick to return her to her seat of power, but he has a price: return him to his mortal form and send him home.

Back home, a vast empire is on a crusade to conquer the world, and it has set its sights on Valeria. Their goal is to unite the world under a single banner, eradicate the spawn infestation unleashed by the Scions, and replace the gods who they feel have forsaken them with their mystical rulers.

Can Azerick save the dark goddess from the clutches of her demonic subjects and become mortal once again? Will he have the power to protect his people from The Order if he does?

Brock Deskins
Brock Deskins
Soldier, storyteller, animal lover. I write, hike, and play video games.

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