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    Brock Deskins

    (Taken from Goodreads)
    Steven Watson asked Brock E. Deskins:
    Hi Brock. Massive fan of your books having read most of them several times. I’m curious. As you are one of my favorite authors who are some of your favorite authors and what type of books do you prefer to read?

    Brock E. Deskins: Hi, Steven. Thanks! That’s very encouraging to hear, especially these days. That’s a hard question to answer. I’ve never been a “favorites” kind of guy or the type to become a “fanboy” of anything (except ice cream.) RA Salvatore made a big impression on me years ago. Same with Margaret Weis and many of the Forgotten Realms authors. My reading habits used to be voracious, especially when I was in the army. Lots of downtime to read. Not so much anymore, especially since my migraines have gotten worse over the years. Almost afraid to read now. It’s a toss up between fantasy and sci-fi/space opera. I’ve recently begun listening to audiobooks a lot (another thing that has cut into my reading) I’ve found I really enjoy LitRPG in audio form almost more than any other, although the Iron Druid series was fantastic in audio. I’m writing my first LitRPG literally at this very moment. I think it’s starting out well. At least the word count is. Thanks for the question. Feel free to connect with me on FB or my website.

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