The Sorcerer’s Vengeance Audio
December 18, 2020
The Sorcerer’s Scourge Audiobook
May 29, 2021

Many of you (at least 4 or 5) are surely wondering just what the heck have I been doing with my time since I am clearly not writing. Short answer: Some drywall workWorking in my dining room. I haven’t been totally slacking though! I uploaded the Sorcerer’s Scourge audiobook to ACX almost 6 weeks ago. They seem to be dragging their feet (much like  me which resulted in cartoon-like drywall mud footprints through my house.) I have started Narrating The Sorcerer’s Abyss but hit a snag. I felt there wasn’t enough Azerick (a sentiment shared with many of my reader–at least 4 or 5) so I am adding a touch more content for him. Then it’s back to narrating.

You might be wondering how long all this is going to take. Can’t say. As I get better at my job, I hope to reduce the time between audiobooks to just a few months. That includes the time it takes for ACX to approve and release it. I really want to get the audiobooks for The Sorcerer’s Path completed before I return to writing. Then I need to finish the series I started before deciding what new world to craft next. Namely those series are The Empire of Masks (which I hope to finish with the next book) and my LitRPG series Quantum Mortalis that I totally started before I was ready to see it through. Attention Deficit Disorder, the struggle is real!

What comes after that? Well, Quantum Mortalis could take some time. I plan on it being a series of books with around 4 story arcs, each one following on the heels of the previous, before I can call it complete. Can’t say how many books each arc will be, but somewhere between 1 and 3. Then the question is do I write another book for a previous series (Brooklyn Shadows and/or The Transcended series) or start a new series altogether. I have a Sci-Fi series (two actually) I really want to do. This will dump me into a new genre that I really enjoy. Then of course there are the audiobooks for all these books. So much to do and so little attention span. Anyway, I hope you will stay tuned for whatever I end up doing. Thanks for reading!

Brock Deskins
Brock Deskins
Soldier, storyteller, animal lover. I write, hike, and play video games.

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