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September 29, 2022
Space Academy Washouts
February 6, 2023

The Sorcerer Returns

Made it through another great book in the series with the help of great co-narrator Kim Wolf. Azerick returns to his world with a mission, a vengeance, and a new son, but his homecoming is far far from a happy reunion. Not only does he need to unite his corner of the world to defend themselves against the vengeful return of elder gods, being stuck in the abyss for five years has a way of changing a man.

On the bright side, the various races and powers that be quickly put aside their differences to coordinate a unfied defense. Yeah, right. Just convincing them there is an existential threat is like herding rabid, feral cats, much less getting them to set aside petty differences and rivalries. Not only does Azerick have a hard time convincing the people and their leaders that the threat is real, his lack of patience and overwhelming power has them seeing him as the more immediate danger to the kingdom. One that must be dealt with.

To top it all off, his first son Daebian, while undeniably brilliant, may be a full-blown sociapath with a grudge against his father that teeters on the edge of murderous. While Daebian may not be the more powerful of the two brothers, he may well be the key to victory, but for which side?


Brock Deskins
Brock Deskins
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