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February 6, 2023
The Sorcerer’s Destiny on Audible
July 29, 2023

So, this is hands down my favorite series from CT Phipps, and this installment doesn’t disappoint. I’m a huge Harley Quinn fan, especially the animated series. Kaley Cuoco was born to voice harley. So now we focus on the Harley Quinn-esque character in the Supervillainy series, which is just the cherry on top of a super (pun intended) sunday.
Cindy is tired of being known as nothing but a sidekick, or even worse, henchwench, and sets out to prove she’s a grade-A supervillain in her own right, so she puts together a crew to Ocean’s Seven, or six or eight depending on how you want to count–hey, counting is for nerds–not just a dragon’s hoarde but THE dragon’s horde.
Given Cindy’s managerial skills are about as fine-tuned as her parenting skills, hilarity ensues. Absolutely check it and the other books in the series out today!


Brock Deskins
Brock Deskins
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